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Komon Avocats advises Japanese companies and entrepreneurs as well as those with an interest in Japan.

We have a genuine legal know-how as well as soft skills in French-Japanese business: Komon Avocats speaks and thinks Japanese!

Our firm provides support in setting up and developing Japanese companies in France, as well as in all related legal operations (mergers & acquisitions, investment projects, contract drafting, legal secretarial services, compliance, personal data protection, etc.).

Komon Avocats is perfectly in tune with the Japanese way of thinking about business and makes a point of respecting business manner (ビジネスマナー), a Japanese word referring to the rules and codes of doing business in Japan.

In addition, a dispute resolution team is dedicated to ensure the defense of Komon Avocats’ clients at an amicable or litigation stage between French and Japanese firms, in particular in the context of international conflicts between companies, internal crisis negotiations or insolvency proceedings.

ln order to constantly improve their knowledge of Japanese business culture and practices, the members of Komon Avocats regularly travel to Japan where partnerships are constantly being forged.

The partners of the firm are also founders of the AAJ: Association des Avocats Japonophiles.

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is admitted to the Paris Bar since 2006. He leads up Komon Avocats’ Japan Desk in connection with his extensive ties with Japan and a solid foundation of trust established with Japanese clients and partners.


Toyota Sirvent

is admitted to the Tokyo and Daini Bars and has over 6 years' experience in a major business law firm in Japan.



has several successful professional experiences, notably with large Japanese companies but also with Franco-Japanese embassies.

Association des Avocats Japonophiles – AAJ ASSOCIATION

The AAJ is a non-profit association located in Paris aiming at bringing together French and Japanese lawyers with a particular attraction for Japan and its culture.

With a strong focus on the relationships between France and Japan, the AAJ provides a framework for quality exchanges for its members and partners, giving them opportunities to expand their network while participating in various events and lectures.

The association aims at strengthening ties between lawyers in France and Japan, while sharing common values and creating business opportunities.